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How to Choose the Best Ceiling Lighting?

Author: venusgeng

Mar. 23, 2023

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Living room lighting can be a subtle yet powerful ingredient when it comes to making your house warm and welcoming. Lighting can affect everything from the colour of your carpet to the colour of your walls. Therefore, it is important to have a plan for your lighting design.


Living room lighting can certainly be a subtle but powerful ingredient when it comes to making your house cosy and welcoming, in addition to the furniture and décor. Lighting can influence everything else from the colour of the carpet to the colour of the walls. It is therefore important to have a plan for your lighting design. Remember that the right choice may produce that wonderful ambience, tranquillity and aura of light.


Ceiling height and living space

Firstly, you must find out how the space will be used and perhaps the hours spent there during the day. Again, it is important to note how large the area is and the total height of the ceiling. If you have low ceilings, large ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers can make your living space appear smaller and more cluttered. In contrast, smaller ceiling fixtures may be lost in larger rooms with higher ceilings. Ceiling height and the size of your living space are therefore important factors to consider when choosing a ceiling light.

Nordic Modern LED Round Ceiling Lamp

Nordic Modern LED Round Ceiling Lamp 


The type of lighting chosen and the type of ceiling light

Different types of ceiling light have different functions and create different types of lighting. It is important to consider the function of the ceiling light you choose for your living area depending on the ambience you wish to create. There are three types of lighting; task, ambient and accent lighting. Typically, ceiling lights will provide ambient light as they can provide a wide range of lighting in one area and can be controlled using dimmers. Ambient lighting can be supplemented by using layers in a living room lighting design scheme. This can be done in the form of task and accent lighting using lamps and floor lamps.


When designing an interior space, you need to decide on many different things at once. Wall colours, flooring, accessories, furniture - the list goes on and on. Ceiling lighting design can sometimes draw attention to itself, but it is arguably one of the most important designs. The lighting you choose will not only affect the way a room looks, but also the way it functions on a daily basis.


Luxury Crystal Ceiling Chandelier 

Luxury Crystal Ceiling Chandelier 

Types of lighting

Ceiling lights can perform a number of different functions within a room, making them an extremely flexible option for any homeowner. They can be used as ambient, accent or task lights, adding function to a space while enhancing its style.

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Task lighting

The main function of task lighting is to focus on providing light for a specific area. As such, it is usually used in areas where you will be performing daily tasks. This may include cooking, sewing, reading, writing, playing music, etc. Work lighting is sometimes accomplished using floor and table lamps, but is not limited to this. The right ceiling lighting can provide excellent task lighting and also contribute to the overall ambient lighting in the room. However, they often have their own dedicated switches so you can use them selectively when you need them.


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is often considered to be the most important type of lighting to consider. Ambient lighting can illuminate an entire room without focusing on a specific area or object.


Customized Ceiling Lights Lighting

Customized Ceiling Lights Lighting


Ambient lighting usually comes from a central fixture in the room. Examples of this include chandeliers or large pendants. They may also be more subtle in the form of multiple recessed lights, which are often more suitable for spaces such as kitchens. Whichever fixture you choose, you will need to ensure that your light source has sufficient wattage to illuminate the entire space.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a type of lighting used to highlight an area of the house that you want to draw attention to, whether it is a beautiful piece of decoration, a piece of artwork, an architectural feature etc. They don't have the same practical use as other types of lighting, but they can have a real impact and emphasise unique and beautiful features in a room.


Accent lighting can be used around an entertainment centre or even on your kitchen cabinets to catch the eye. Some also use accent lighting to showcase a beautiful mantle, a photographic portrait or a piece of individual furniture. Accent lights can even be placed around mirrors to add clarity and definition to reflections.





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